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Coming into Money
Preparing Your Children for an Inheritance
This booklet is for any wealthy parents who are thinking about whether and how to give substantial money to their children as young adults. It discusses the perils of inheriting early and suggests how parents can make plans that will help empower, not paralyze, their children. 53 pages. Resource Directory included.TRIO PRESS ISBN 0-9699195-9-X
$8.00 hard-copy booklet

Inheritors and Work
The Search for Purpose
Those who inherit enough wealth to make paid work a matter of choice face a unique set of opportunities and challenges. This 43 page essay explores in detail:How parents can help their children develop a healthy work ethic;
How heirs can deal with lack of motivation and the fear of being unable to support themselves;
How heirs can harness their financial resources to their creativity.TRIO PRESS ISBN 0-9699195-3-0
$7.00 hard-copy booklet