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Advisors and Counselors

  • Barbara Stanny
    Barbara Stanny, author of Prince Charming Isn’t Coming: How Women Get Smart about Money. Financial education and empowerment for women.
  • Dennis Pearne, EdD. Wealth Counselor
    Dennis Pearne, EdD. Wealth counselor, consultant, speaker. “Wealth counseling is the art of integrating the wealth into the self.”
  • Dr Sally Donaldson
    Dr Sally Donaldson is a psychoanalytically trained psychotherapist with experience in negotiating issues around inherited wealth. 212-375-1816.
  • Dr. Dennis Pearne
    Dr. Dennis Pearne is a clinical psychologist. Co-author of The Challenges of Wealth, and author of Wealth Counseling: A Guide for Therapists and Inheritors from The Inheritance Project. Counseling and therapy for the emotional issues arising from both inh
  • Dr. Paul White
    Paul White PhD (in Counseling Psychology) has served many multimillionaire and high-profile business families to develop wealth transfer plans and diminish tension around business succession issues.
  • Gary Shunk, LCSW, Licenced Clinical Social Worker
    Gary Shunk is a specialist in the psychology of inherited wealth.
  • James Grubman, PhD.
    James Grubman, PhD. Psychological services for individuals and organizations.
  • Jennifer Ladd Consulting
    Leadership & money coach, Group facilitator. Northampton, MA.
  • Money, Meaning and Choices Institute
    Money, Meaning and Choices Institute helps people find balance between money and time, relationships, and community.
  • Nicola Janssen, Wealth Counselor, Certified Financial Planner
    Coaches families and individuals on difficult or conflicting questions around wealth: career and succession planning, ethics and philanthropy, conflict prevention and resolution. As a financial mentor she integrates the emotional and material aspects of
  • Olivia Boyce-Abel
    Olivia Boyce-Abel, certified Mediator. Assists families in preserving family both harmony and family land.
  • Thayer Willis. Lic. Clinical Social Work
    Thayer Willis. Lic. Clinical Social Work. Private practice, workshops: “Inherited Wealth and You.” Author of Navigating the Dark Side of Wealth.
  • Wealthbridge Partners
    Wealthbridge Partners designs and implements training programs for wealthy families.

  • Books

  • Inherited Wealth: Opportunity and Dilemmas
    John L. Levy, Inherited Wealth: Opportunity and Dilemmas, 2008
  • The Challenges of Wealth: Mastering the Personal and Financial Conflicts
    Dennis Pearne, Amy Domini, and Sharon Rich, The Challenges of Wealth: Mastering the Personal and Financial Conflicts, Dow, 1988

  • Documentaries

  • Beyond Greenaway
    Through interviews and archival footage with members of a wealthy American family, Beyond Greenaway by filmmaker Sue Gilbert unveils a realistic side of American wealth largely hidden from view. By watching this family wrestle with money issues, one sees
  • The One Percent
    This 80-minute documentary focuses on the growing wealth gap in America, as seen through the eyes of filmmaker Jamie Johnson, 27-year-old heir to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical corporation. Includes interviews with Bill Gates Sr., Nicole Buffet

  • Mediation for Wealthy Families

  • Judy Barber, Family Money Consultants
    Preventing litigation is crucial to positive relationships. Words said and accusations made in legal documents are hard to forget. Mediation can resolve disputes when those involved understand that with different perspectives come strong emotions about th

  • Membership Organizations

  • Family Office Association
    The Family Office Association is a peer-networking group for single family offices and families of wealth that hosts three conferences a year. They are based in Greenwich, Connecticut, but have members from all over the United States and the world. They s
  • Family Office Exchange
    Family Office Exchange. A clearinghouse for family groups who use proactive strategies to maximize their capital.
  • GenSpring.com
    Around the world families trust GenSpring to invest their money, manage important aspects of their financial lives, and oversee their financial relationships.

  • Other Programs for the Wealthy

  • Ministry of Money
    Ministry of Money. A ministry that encourages a Christian relationship to, and use of, money.
  • Redwoods Initiative
    The Redwoods Initiative is a not-for-profit venture focused on family sustainability through wealth education.
  • Sudden Money Institute
    Sudden Money Institute. Wisdom-based and practical solutions to the challenges of sudden wealth.
  • Summer Institute
    Summer Institute is an all volunteer-led community of inheritors of wealth . Wealthand their partners that creates an annual four-day personal growth program to focus on the challenges and opportunities of inherited wealth. It is our intention to provide
  • The Soul of Money Institute
    Founded in 2003 by Lynne Twist, the Soul of Money Institute is a center for exploring and sharing the best practices, theories, and attitudes that enable people to relate to money and the money culture with greater freedom, power, and effectiveness.

  • Philanthropic Organizations

  • Association of Small Foundations
    Association of Small Foundations is committed to building and strengthening small-foundation philanthropy.
  • Bolder Giving
    Bolder Giving’s mission is to inspire and support people to give at their full lifetime potential.
  • Council on Foundations
    Council on Foundations is a membership association of grantmaking foundations and corporations.
  • National Center for Family Philanthropy
    National Center for Family Philanthropy encourages wealthy families and individuals to create and sustain their philanthropic missions.
  • National Network of Grantmakers
    National Network of Grantmakers. An organization of individuals involved in funding social and economic justice.
  • Resource Generation
    Resource Generation. An alliance of young people who support and challenge each other to effect social change.
  • The Philanthropic Initiative
    The Philanthropic Initiative helps donors increase the impact of their philanthropy.
  • Threshold Foundation
    Threshold Foundation is a membership organization that seeks to build a more just, caring, and sustainable world.
  • Women Donors Network
    Women Donors Network. National organization of women committed to social change through progressive philanthropy.