The Inheritance Project attempts to second-guess Google’s mysterious ranking system

OK, I have a confession: I have been writing blog posts for months in the hopes of attracting the attention of Google’s top-secret ranking algorithms, which (so I’m told) is changed frequently to keep web sites from beating the famous Google system. I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I keep trying.

I have been advised to use certain expressions, such as inherited wealth, wealth transfer, the particularly odious “high-net-worth individuals” (in other words, filthy -rich people), and, of course the name The Inheritance Project, as well as the tittles of some of the publications. I never know what will work.

Once I got lucky: I wrote about prenuptial agreements, and my web site was listed on the top of the page under “prenuptial agreements.” Not that that’s such a big deal, but at least it was something. But two days later, the listing had disappeared.

I end up writing blog posts including as many key words and phrases as I can stuff into them, and end up with something that bores even me. There has to be a better way. If someone reading this has an idea, please post a comment and tell me about it.

I really want only one thing: I want people to find the web site and buy some books — hey, at least one! More is always better. I want people to buy the books because I want them to read the books and enjoy them, and find something that will be of value to them. It’s not such a big ambition, but even my modest goal is hard to achieve. If I’m lucky, at the rate the books and booklets are selling, everything will be out of print by the time I’m seventy-seven.

To use an analogy, my efforts to anticipate Google’s rankings is like a woman getting breast implants in the hopes that men will  notice her. I think I’ll google “breast implants” in a couple of days to see if The Inheritance Project is listed.