Don’t wait to order “Passing Wealth Along to Our Children” from The Inheritance Project

Only 21 copies remain of Passing Wealth Along to Our Children: Emotional Complexities of Estate Planning, published by The Inheritance Project. Once gone, the booklet will not be reprinted. Don’t wait too long!

This article introduces readers to the complexities of creating trusts and wills. The fictional story of Stan and Nancy Blackman illustrates the dilemmas that may arise in leaving wealth to descendants. It has been continuously in print for 15 years. The following is an excerpt:

“Control, or lack of it, is one of the central issues for many parents in creating their estate plans. On the one hand, they want to help their children by leaving them money. On the other hand, they fear that their largesse could be misused, the wealth could be squandered, and their children could become people of whom they would disapprove. … [However,] relinquishing control is the main theme of parenthood. As their children get older, parents are forced to let go.”

It is impossible to summarize this complex issue in a blog post. As parents, you owe it to yourselves to take the issue of control and letting go of control in a context that takes into account the many variables.