Inherited wealth and Prenuptial agreements, part 1

One booklet (33 pages) from The Inheritance Project is called “For Love and/or Money: The Impact of Inherited Wealth on Relationships” by Barbara Blouin. There is no more fraught subject than intimate relationships between inheritors and those with less money. The greater the gap between the wealth of one partner in a relationship — particularly in a marriage! — the greater the risk that the relationship will be headed for stormy waters and will ultimately fail.

There are many reasons for these risks — too long a subject for a short blog post. One aspect of marriages between a wealthy (inherited or not) and a non-wealthy partner is the trend toward creating what are commonly called “prenuptial agreements.” This too is a very complex subject, and I will devote several blog posts to it. For starters, I would like to quote from an excellent article by Judy Barber called “Surviving Prenuptial Agreements” :

“When a couple approaches the agreement with honesty, deep regard for each other, and sensitivity to the potential emotional and financial implications, it can help strengthen and sustain the relationship through a difficult time.” Please read this 3-page article by Judy Barber. And please come back to for more on this subject.

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  1. In our family, we were warned that pre-nups are increasingly being thrown out by judges so even a well-written agreement that is signed by both parties is not iron-clad.

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