Marrying into money — beware!

Raleigh Jordan (a pseudonym) grew up very wealthy and very sheltered— truly in the lap of luxury. When she was in her early twenties she married a man who made her pregnant:

“A day or two before I married this guy, I was sitting in an obstetrician’s office, and I read a statistic in a magazine about the odds of men who are not wealthy or from the upper classes marrying heiresses. This was in 1959. The odds of being a poor boy with no assets and no background marrying a wealthy heiress was one in fourteen million. It was as if Cassandra and the whole Greek chorus were chanting to me, ‘Beware!  Beware!’”

from The Legacy of Inherited Wealth: Interviews with Heirs, Barbara Blouin and Katherine Gibson, The Inheritance Project/Trio Press