Emotional Complexities of Estate Planning

This excerpt begins a series of wisdom from a booklet offered only by The Inheritance Project. Check this site for more material in the coming two weeks.

“Whether we acknowledge it or not, estate planning is fraught with emotionally-charged decisions. The prospect of sending our wealth into the future without us can be daunting. As we weigh the risks and advantages of passing along significant assets to our offspring, we encounter our feelings about our money, our children and ourselves. This article follows the adventures of … a fictional family created to illustrate the challenges of leaving wealth to children.How can [these parents] best provide for their children after they (the parents) are gone? What is their motivation in leaving money? Whose needs are they providing for—their children’s or their own? Are they trying to control or protect?”

From the introduction to Passing Wealth Along to Our Children: Emotional Complexities of Estate Planning by Margaret Kiersted, Trio Press, 1998. Available only from The Inheritance Project.