Only three hard-copy booklets from The Inheritance Project remain.

The first publication from The Inheritance Project—The Legacy of Inherited Wealth: Interviews with Heirs appeared as a home-made 81/2 x 11 thick booklet in 1994. The first professionally produced version of this book appeared a few months later. Following that we (myself—Barbara Blouin, and my co-authors Katherine Brooks, and Margaret Kiersted) created a website. The first book was followed over the next eight years by two more books and seven booklets. One book, Like a Second Mother:Nannies and Housekeepers in the Lives of Wealthy Children, disappeared a few years ago. I decided, with deep regret, to give away the remaining copies because the book, while my favorite, did not sell well. (A few copies, at inflated prices, can be found at remaining two books and seven booklets continued to be in print until a few years ago, when a conference facilitator, someone I knew and trusted, bought all remaining copies of the two books (The Legacy of Inherited Wealth and Labors of Love: The Legacy of Inherited Wealth, Book 2.The longevity of these books and booklets—twenty-one years and counting—is a tribute to their ability to be of vital interest and value to wealthy parents, inheritors, and a wide variety of professionals.

After I sold all the books, all the publications, with the exception of Like a Second Mother, were digitized. All remaining copies of the seven booklets were also available as hard-copy booklets for the past few years. Gradually, as they were bought, I decided not to reprint them. The three remaining hard-copy booklets are described below. At this point, only 38 copies of three booklets remain available. (Digitized copies are also available.) One booklet is almost gone: Three copies remain of Wealth Counseling: A Guide for Therapists and Inheritors by Dr. Dennis Pearne, a wealth counselor.

I get requests from people who don’t have e-readers, as well as those who would rather read “real” paper booklets. (Some people refer to these publications as “pamphlets,” which is completely inaccurate. They range in length from 18 pages to 53 pages.)

I appreciate my “non-e-reader” customers because, like them, I do not have an e-reader and would much rather hold a paper copy in my hands. Therefore, it is important for those who might prefer paper to understand the current situation, which is: If you want one, or more, of these booklets—particularly Wealth Counseling at this time—please don’t wait, or you could be out of luck.

I ship booklets air mail from Halifax, Canada, my home. The following is a brief description, found on the web site, of the contents of these three booklets.

Coming into Money: Preparing Your Children for an Inheritance

This booklet is for any wealthy parents who are thinking about whether and how to give substantial money to their children as young adults. It discusses the perils of inheriting early and suggests how parents can make plans that will help empower, not paralyze, their children. 53 pages. $8.00


Wealth Counseling: A Guide for Therapists and InheritorsDennis Pearne, an experienced wealth counselor, guides mental health professionals and lay readers through the intricacies of overcoming the issues that inheriting wealth so often produces: guilt, shame, financial ignorance, low self-esteem and lack of motivation. 18 pages. $5.00 
Inheritors and Work: The Search for PurposeThose who inherit enough wealth to make paid work a matter of choice face a unique set of opportunities and challenges. This 43-page essay explores in detail:How parents can help their children develop a healthy work ethic;how heirs can deal with lack of motivation and the fear of being unable to support themselves;how heirs can harness their financial resources to their creativity. $7.00