Jennifer Ladd Consulting

“I learned that many people of wealth are hidden, isolated, and troubled about their wealth. I wanted to help people in that frame of mind start to heal their wounds around wealth and get in touch with their power as part of an interconnected whole. I decided to start a consulting business, which I named Class Action. I describe myself as a ‘donor organizer and philanthropic adviser.’ ”

Labors of Love: The Legacy of Inherited Wealth, Book 2.

Jenny is one of four inheritors who I interviewed for Labors of Love, my second book. These individuals work with inheritors’ personal, financial, and social issues in their own distinct ways.
Jenny Ladd described her grandparents as “upper class” and “old money,” but her own home was informal and child-friendly. She grew up in the Cambridge, Massachusetts area in the sixties. The conjunction of living in Cambridge, the sixties ferment, the Civil Rights Movement and the anti-Vietnam war protests were all major influences in her young life. As early as high school she became involved in political organizing.
This continued in 1970 when she went to Antioch College in Ohio. She felt conflicted about her own affluent, upper-class background in contrast to the people in the low-income groups with whom she was organizing. She later earned a doctorate in education. At this point in her life Jenny described herself as a “hidden philanthropist,” but in 1996 she decided to “come out” as a wealthy person so that she could better organize other people with wealth to give, to invest, and to spend in alignment with their values. She donates half of her income every year.
Have a look at Jenny’s web site. She offers a variety of related services: coaching, philanthropic advising, and diversity training working to support individuals and organizations. She gives Creative Interactive Workshops on money and class. Her area of specialization in the coaching field is “You and your money”—designed for those who want to get clearer about and deal with feelings, beliefs, and institutional barriers that block financial flow. She is committed to building resilient, vital, and creative communities.
Jenny wears many hats and has found creative ways to skillfully integrate her own life experience with what she offers to others.