Only a few copies of some Inheritance Project paper publications remain. Don’t wait!

If you are someone who likes to hold a booklet in your hands (these are not “pamphlets,” as some surfers mistakenly believe) the time to order them is now. Altogether there are five publications of the remaining copies remain. I’ll give the numbers remaining in parentheses, below. Only 6 “The Inheritor’s Inner Landscape: How Heirs Feel” by Katherine Gibson remain in hard copy.

The others: “For Love and/or Money: The Impact of Inherited Wealth on Relationships” by Barbara Blouin (23 copies)

“Wealth Counseling” by Dennis Pearne, ED.D. (25 copies)

There are more copies of the other two:

“Inheritors and Work” by Barbara Blouin (41 copies)

“Coming into Money: Preparing Your Children for an Inheritance” (56 copies)

The two books, “The Legacy of Inherited Wealth: Interviews with Heirs” and “Labors of Love: The Legacy of Inherited Wealth, Book Two” are available only as e-books or as PDFs. (You do not need an e-reader to download a PDF, but you will not be able to print them.) Two remaining booklets: “Passing Wealth Along to Our Children: Emotional Complexities of Estate Planning” by Margaret Kiersted and “Working with Inherited-wealth Clients” also by Margaret Kiersted, are available as e-booklets.