As of January 11, both books (The Legacy of Inherited Wealth and Labors of Love) are available as e-books, as well as all 7 booklets.

The prices of all the publications are now 20 % lower, and of course there is no shipping and handling. As long as you use an e-reader it’s easy and inexpensive.For those who do not have e-readers (I don’t!), a limited supply of booklets remains in print until they are all sold. They are listed here in descending order, from the most copies remaining, to the fewest. Supplies of some booklets are very limited and shipping costs will increase on January 14. Nothing I can do about that.

Booklets remaining in inventory:

Coming into Money: Preparing Your Children for an Inheritance 52 copies

Inheritors and Work: The Search for Purpose 52 copies

Wealth Counseling: A Guide for Therapists and Inheritors 45 copies

For Love and/or Money: The Impact of Inherited Wealth on Relationships 28 copies

The Inheritor’s Inner Landscape: How Heirs Feel 18 copies

Passing Wealth Along is out of print as a paper book but is available as an “e-booklet”