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Two advisors who are inheritors

In our first book, The Legacy of Inherited Wealth: Interviews with Heirs, we interviewed two inheritors who discovered ways to work with other inheritors. One of these used the pseudonym “Wendy Johnson” in the book. You can find her contact information in the resource section of this web site; her real name is Sally Donaldson. Sally has a PhD in clinical psychology and practices in New York City. She has been in private practice, one which includes a number of inheritors, for twenty years.

An only child, Sally inherited small amounts from her grandmother and her father. On the scale of wealth her inheritance was on the low end, but she didn’t know that. In the ‘60s, when she was in college, her annual income was $6,000. “By New York standards, that’s not very much money,” she observes, “but I thought I was a goddamn Rockefeller. I had no sense of proportion.”
The point I am coming to in a roundabout way is that those who have inherited wealth, like Sally, are well suited to listen to, empathize with, and guide other inheritors. She has included inheritors in her practice, although she does not advertise herself or have a web site.

I have known Sally for 46 years and have a high level of confidence in her accomplishments. Continue reading