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Social scientist Paul Piff claims that rich people [read:Americans] are more selfish, less empathic, less generous, and less compassionate than middle-class and poor Americans. The Inheritance Project asks: Is this accurate?

On October 16 I heard, by chance, an interview on CBC Radio’s “The Current” with Paul Piff, who has been doing post-doctoral research at the University of California at Berkeley. Anna Maria Tremonti, host of “The Current,” began by playing a radio clip from NPR (National Public Radio in the US) shortly after the 2008 financial meltdown. Two NPR reporters engaged in a conversation with four people they had just met in a bar near Wall Street. Of the four, three were Wall Street traders, still employed, and the fourth was a young woman who had lost her job as a result of the meltdown. The reporters wondered whether the traders, who had been generously bailed out by the Bush government, were grateful for not losing their jobs. Au contraire, the traders gloated, claiming they deserved their rich bailout. Continue reading

Only a few copies of some Inheritance Project paper publications remain. Don’t wait!

If you are someone who likes to hold a booklet in your hands (these are not “pamphlets,” as some surfers mistakenly believe) the time to order them is now. Altogether there are five publications of the remaining copies remain. I’ll give the numbers remaining in parentheses, below. Only 6 “The Inheritor’s Inner Landscape: How Heirs Feel” by Katherine Gibson remain in hard copy. Continue reading