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Documentary “The Queen of Versailles”—The American dream gone to its extreme

I recently saw—and recommend—a new documentary called “The Queen of Versailles” by director Lauren Greenfield (who is now being sued by David Siegel, a billionaire who claimed to be one of the richest men in the world. Maybe “ex-billionaire” would now be more appropriate because he lost so much money in 2008 and thereafter. Siegel’s goal in life was to build “the biggest house in America” — 90,000 square feet in Orlando, FL. David and his 30-years younger third wife, Jacquie, were interviewed at length—at long intervals, by director Greenfield, starting in 2007. (One of the best characteristics of “The Queen of Versailles” is the complete absence of voice-over. The Siegels tell their own “truth,” and there is no moralizing by the director.) Continue reading