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Eva Rausing’s death: How inherited money enables addictions

The media is buzzing with news of the recent death of Eva Kemeny, the daughter of a Pepsi executive, whose body was found in her London mansion on July 9. Eva who met and later married Hans Kristian Rausing, heir of Tetra Pak, a multi-billion dollar global food packaging empire. (How Rausing died is not yet known, or, at least, not publicly. But it is, inevitably, related to—if not caused by—her addictions.

The link between addictions and inherited wealth is the subject of Terry Hunt’s account of his life and work in  Labors of Love: The Legacy of Inherited Wealth, Book 2, published by The Inheritance Project. Hunt is himself a third-generation member of an American family that created a large industry. Haunted by some of the sources of suffering that go hand-in-hand with inherited money—particularly shame in Terry’s case—he eventually  became a professional therapist whose primary interest was helping people overcome addictions.

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