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Praise for The Inheritance Project: an inheritor no longer feels alone

I received this e-mail today after shipping The Legacy of Inherited Wealth: Interviews with Heirs, and Labors of Love: The Legacy of Inherited Wealth, Book 2, (both from The Inheritance Project) to a  woman who turns out to be inheritor. I was so thrilled that I decided (with her permission to share it with others.

“I couldn’t read both your books fast enough!  Thank you, Barbara, firstly for all the hard work you’ve done over time to make these ‘baskets of information’ available to someone like myself, who for 66 years kinda thought I was the only one who struggled with the pitfalls of inherited money. Continue reading


If you haven’t read part 1 of Jenny’s story from Labors of Love: The Legacy of Inherited Wealth: Part 2, please read the previous post.

[All of this post is in Jenny’s own words.] During those years in graduate school, I was leading two lives—outwardly the educator life, and the more hidden philanthropic life. After I finished my doctorate, I knew I needed to decide which of those worlds I was really going to put my time and energy into. A lot of my fellow students were struggling financially, and I hid the reality of my circumstances from them. But I didn’t like living that way. So I decided to take a year off because I wanted to find out what I was doing what in terms of organizing in terms of organizing the wealthy, promoting philanthropy, and addressing the class divide. Continue reading