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The Private world of the very, very rich, Part 6: how banks, etc. are moving into the family-office world

Increasingly over the last decade (and probably longer) the distinction between banks (including private banks), and
trust companies on the one hand, and family offices, on the other hand, is becoming blurred. As far back as 2002, Sara Hamilton, CEO of the Family Office Exchange, wrote: “The Multi-family Office model is rapidly becoming the most sought-after platform for serving the ultra-affluent. . . . Today [i.e., 2002] more than 50 organizations claim to offer interdisciplinary wealth advisory services through an MFO platform.” (“The Multi-Family Office Mania” Sara Hamilton, 2002)

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The Private world of the very, very rich, part 5: Networking groups

This is Part Five of a series by The Inheritance Project about the role of a variety of institutions and other organizations created to serve the financial—and sometimes also social—needs of UHNW (Ultra-high net worth) individuals and families. I thought a quick review would be useful: Part 1 was an introduction; Part 2 was devoted to banks, private banks, and trust companies; Part 3 describes the role of family offices; and Part 4 is about multi-family offices.

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