Inheritance Project

THE INHERITANCE PROJECT was founded in 1992 to explore the emotional and social impact of inherited wealth and to show heirs how to claim their personal power and use it to bring meaning to their lives and benefit others.

The Inheritance Project (TIP) began as a collaboration between myself (Barbara Blouin) and two other inheritors. We have shared our experiences as inheritors with others in our two books and the other publications. We interviewed hundreds of inheritors because we wanted to better understand their experiences and to offer what we learned to others—in their own words—without paraphrasing, without commentary or analysis, without judgment.


Trio Press features nine titles on the subject of inheritance:

The Legacy of Inherited Wealth
Interviews With Heirs (Revised Edition)

This book of 17 candid interviews with wealthy men and women presents an inside view of what it is like to grow up in affluence and inherit enough money to render paid work a matter of choice. A resource directory lists wealth conferences, wealth counselors, books and newsletters. 208 pages.

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Labors of Love
The Legacy of Inherited Wealth, Book II

This book is a collection of ten first-person histories about heirs who have enough wealth that they do not need to work for a living. But, as they learned, they do need to work for a life. These stories focus on how heirs have discovered ways to use their wealth and their innate gifts to help create a better world. 131 pages.

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Coming into Money
Preparing Your Children for an Inheritance

This booklet is for any wealthy parents who are thinking about whether and how to give substantial money to their children as young adults. It discusses the perils of inheriting early and suggests how parents can make plans that will help empower, not paralyze, their children. 53 pages. Resource Directory included.

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Wealth Counseling
A Guide for Therapists and Inheritors

Dennis Pearne, an experienced wealth counselor, guides mental health professionals and lay readers through the intricacies of overcoming the issues that inheriting wealth so often produces: guilt, shame, financial ignorance, low self-esteem and lack of motivation. 18 pages.

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For Love and/or Money
The Impact of Inherited Wealth on Relationships

For Love and/or Money explores how financial inequality can negatively affect friendships and intimate relationships, including marriage. Lending  money is one big issue; heirs can easily become prey for fortune hunters; those married to heirs may feel disempowered by the inherent financial inequality. Suggestions are offered for dealing with these issues. 33 pages

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The Inheritor’s Inner Landscape
How Heirs Feel

This article explores the various emotional challenges which heirs may face in their efforts to come to terms with their wealth. Drawing extensively on anecdotes and advice from inheritors, this article maps out the psychic terrain that heirs often travel. 14 pages.

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Inheritors and Work
The Search for Purpose

Those who inherit enough wealth to make paid work a matter of choice face a unique set of opportunities and challenges. This 43 page essay explores in detail:

How parents can help their children develop a healthy work ethic;
How heirs can deal with lack of motivation and the fear of being unable to support themselves;
How heirs can harness their financial resources to their creativity.

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Working with Inherited Wealth Clients
A Guide for Professional Advisors

This short article familiarizes professional advisors with the emotional challenges facing many wealthy clients. It identifies ways in which the communication between affluent clients and professionals tends to break down, and suggests strategies for making the relationship more effective and satisfying. 7 pages.

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